Tube cutting

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Tube cutting

Elletielle's laser tube cutting service provides you with the products you need to fill your orders with precision and speed. Starting with contacting either our commercial or technical department, we take care of evaluating the laser tube cutting necessary for your order with you.

One of our managers will work with you and assess your needs, check the feasibility of tube cutting and any requirements you may have for the job until the delivery of your material.

When is tube cutting the best choice?


Rapidità e versatilità

Rapidità e versatilità nell’ esecuzione delle lavorazioni richieste (dalla barra al pezzo finito con tutte le lavorazioni concentrate su di una sola macchina).



Maggiore precisione dei manufatti con conseguente incremento di valore aggiunto del prodotto finale.


Ottimizzazione dei costi

Riduzione dei costi delle lavorazioni a valle del taglio in modo da velocizzare il processo e ottimizzare i costi per una maggior resa della commessa.

Work machine
Lasertube LT FIBER EVO

Lasertube LT FIBER EVO: Thousands of successful applications in every production sector.

The precision of the cut is guaranteed by first laser scanning.

Round tube (mm)

min. 12 - max. 152,4

Square tube (mm)

min. 12 x 12 mm - max. 120 x 120

Rectangular tube (mm)

min. 10 x 12 mm - max. 140 x 100

Open profiles

Angolari - L - UNP

Bar weight (kg/m)

max. 15

Workable materials

mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass

Beam load length (mm)


Discharge length (mm)


Work machine
Lasertube LT Fiber

Lasertube LT FIBER: Thousands of successful applications in every production sector.

A capacitive probe ensures cutting accuracy.

Round tube

Ø min 12 mm - max 140 mm

Square tube

min 12 x 12 mm - max 120 x 120 mm

Rectangular tube, oval plate, oval semi-plate, elliptical

min 12 x 10 mm - max 140 x 100 mm


Standard materials

steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, copper, brass (others on request)

Bar length in load


Discharge length


Work machine

The LT JUMBO 20 laser cutting centre is a fully automated system for 3D laser cutting of tubes, open profiles, H-beams, IPE beams or special profiles.

Max spessore taglio

20 mm

Taglio inclinato possibile

max 45° <= 20 mm

Tubo tondo

Ø min 80 mm  - max 508 mm

Tubo quadro

min 80 x 80 mm - max 400 x 400 mm

Tubo rettangolare

min 120 x 80 mm - max 500 x 300 mm



Travi lavorabili

IPE da 120 a 500

HEA da 160 a 400

HEB da 160 a 400

Massimo peso barra da lavorare

200 Kg/m

Lunghezza barra caricabile

min 4000 mm - max 18000 mm

Scarico pezzi corti

fino a 3000 mm

Scarico pezzi lunghi

min 3000 mm - max 18000 mm

Possible processes

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